A delay - - for how long?! I can't be late....

Community Facilitator

One morning, after rush hour, I was traveling to NYC to teach my class at noon. I take the Metro North train - Hudson line, and it stopped at Spuyten Duyvil - which is 4 stops north of Harlem, 125th street.  The conductor announced we would be delayed for police activity on the tracks ahead.  This did not sound good - and no time estimate was given. They kept the doors open at the station, for those wishing to exit.  

I was not at all familiar with this station nor with what other means of transportation it would offer.  But several people did get off - clearly with a sense of urgency.  They took out their phones, called Uber - and made appointments pronto!

I hesistated to get off - and when I finally decided to do so, I was fortunate to come across the kindness of strangers. Sure enough, just as others have stated, I found myself carpooling in an Uber, with two other people I have never met before. We got to the next available subway station - some distance away.  I was happy my resiliance and timely decision making skill kicked in when they did!  I was thankful for the lift to the next viable public transportation spot.  

How might this notion of "May I join you?" be introduced to our daily conversation - in any given day? So many cabs and Uber transports zooming uptown and downtown with only one passenger.  Care to share the ride? Do we really need an app for that or can this be more spontaneous?

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