How It Works

Mobilize New York is a crucial innovation competition designed to get New York moving! We're looking for ideas that help everyone who travels around the city get around easier and faster.

Win Prizes

Your idea could be for a new service, product or business - there's a total of $30,000 (US) in prizes available for the winners.

1st Prize - $15,000

2nd Prize - $7,000

3rd Prize - $3,000


Plus there is a Mobilize New York Community Spirit Award (with no monetary value) that will be given to the most popular submission from an organization that employs more than 50 people.

Earn Gift Cards!

There are plenty of fun and creative activities for you to participate in - and earn gift cards! There is a community incentives pot worth $5,000 (US), from which everyone has the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards for participating in our online community. 

On a regular basis we’ll invite you to participate in new activities, including quick polls and discussions. These activities will be displayed on the dashboard and you’ll be notified by email when they’re added. Completing activities and logging in regularly will help you earn City Miles – and the more miles you have, the more chances you’ll have to earn a reward!

Come to the Café

You can also share your thoughts and opinions by commenting, completing quick surveys or just by chatting with others in the Mobilize New York Community Café.Start or join a conversation about a New York mobility issue that you really care about, learn about the issues or just link up with like-minded innovators.

Need more information?

Go to the Need Help page for answers to some common questions, as well as how to reach our community facilitator. We’d love to hear from you!

Challenge Process