use the waterways but connect smarter


we need more access to the waterways. let the ferries ease the crowded highways and subways. but we need to access piers in order to do this.

Is your submission an idea or a business proposal?


How practical is your idea?

Very practical  we can use a combination of existing MTA lines but expand them to meet the ferries at various piers on both sides of Manhattan

Is your idea pioneering?


Definitely not pioneering but extremely practical.  since the roadways are extremely crowded and the subways are filled to capacity, we need to turn to the water now as a means of commuting

How profitable is your idea?

I believe it will be extremely profitable. there are already ferry companies in existance, but they only serve limited areas and run at limited times.  we can have competitive companies adding service to  the outer boroughs.  i have tried this in the past and i noticed NO buses or subways reach any of the piers directly except for South Ferry.we can extend bus lines and add new bus lines and run them more often to meet these commuter ferries. the ferries should run every 15 minutes until 8pm.

How will New Yorkers benefit from your idea?

it will give them an easier, more pleasant option than the regular bus and subway and ease overcrowding on subways and highways.  the price may be slightly higher than a subway fare, but perhaps we can make a combo ferry to bus or ferry to subway transfer to ease costs

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