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Grand Finalist

Handi App an App specifically for paratransit


I have witnessed the frustration of taking the citys' paratransit system and I have a better idea. Why not have a paratransit app similar to Lyft or Uber? I call it the HandiApp. 

You can use it from your smartphone or computer to prearrange your ride and customize to a time and with a customer going your way, the drivers would be fully trained in CPR or any other medical devices they need to use.  The vans would be nice and clean and wheelchair accessible.

Is your submission an idea or a business proposal?


How practical is your idea?


i believe it is practical.   with so many different ride sharing apps why not have one specifically for the disabled?

Is your idea pioneering?

It is not pioneering but i believe it would be a tremendous benefit to anyone who has tried to travel a great distance to get to an appointment, some areas are not fully served by public transportation and this would provide door to door service

How profitable is your idea?

i believe it can be profitable in many ways.   it would be a flat rate service, cost a little more than current paratransit.  but this system can provide wifi in the vehicle and you can either pay a small fee for it or obtain for free if you watch advertising.  another way is if you want to have a private van you can pay more.  also, sometimes you might have multiple visits in one day. you can charge for each stop, plus wait time but it would still be cheaper than taking a taxi


How will New Yorkers benefit from your idea?

i believe NYers will benefit greatly especially the outer boroughs that are underserved by transportation.  you will never miss your paratransit because you can hail both ways.   you wont have to stop in multiple boroughs before getting to your destination. the rides would be streamlined by dispatchers in each borough that know each borough, saving gas and time

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