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Let's say you are carrying around a baby in a stroller, you just had an accident and need to be in a wheelchair, years passed by and your legs became really tired, you just arrived to the city with your big suitcase, or you just aren't in the mood to take the stairs.What if you could find instantly what route has elevators? This is a navigation service that adds on to existing apps providing you with the fastest ACCESSIBLE route.

Is your submission an idea or a business proposal?


How practical is your idea?

Very practical! This is one more option of the navigation app you already use. It is an add to the existing navigation apps, showing you the fastest accessible route. That could mean elevator, escalators or leveled access. It is very simple, the infrastructure is already there, the technology already exists and it could change so many lives.

Is your idea pioneering?

Well, actually there is no option to find out what train/bus stations have accessible entrances. Some stations do not have elevators at all. The goal is to enhance existing navigation apps which makes it easy to implement, but it targets a wider audience, making existing infrastructure easily accessible to everyone.

How profitable is your idea?

This idea involves the technology and the stations, both already existing. 
This is a tool that will help people get around the city faster and smoother. It will also benefit the MTA and widen their range of users. It is therefore likely to be successful in the marketplace. 

How will New Yorkers benefit from your idea?

Many MTA stations are accessible, however not all of them are. Imagine you're a wheelchair user, wouldn’t you want to know right away what stations have elevators? Wouldn’t that save you and many people the time you spend looking for that accessible station? And that is just one example. There is more than one situation where you would need the use of an accessible station. It's you in a wheelchair, him with a baby, them getting older and the traveler heading to the airport. 

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