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Grand Finalist

Empower Disabled New Yorkers With M-Power


There are over 90,000 mobility device users in N.Y.C One of the major problems we face when traveling is Battery power . Access a ride might get us to a location but our ability to shop , eat , have fun is limited by how much juice our batteries have left . I propose the creation of Charging stations for mobility devices all over the city . much like the ones already created by A.T.T and the parks Dept . these charging stations would increase the range of device users .

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How practical is your idea?

My idea is very easily set in motion ,its already being done by A.T.T and New York city parks dept . They have created 38 free solar power street chargers in NYC.  This can be expanded by adding outlets for powerchairs and scooters and by using Citibike blue racks as stations and also by offering incentives to major venues and retailers to add outlets or stations in their facilities . The only thing   a power chair needs is a regular 110 volt outlet we supply our own actual chargers.

Is your idea pioneering?

Henry Ford wanted the car to Empower Americans to travel faster and better . M-Power will allow disabled New Yorkers to travel farther and without fear of being stranded . The very word pioneer brings to mind thoughts of adventure and exploration and fun . What could be more pioneering than going farther in my wheelchair and spending more time enjoying my city. After all didnt Henry Ford Say "The genius of the American people is Self-Reliance."

How profitable is your idea?

This idea has a high profit margin you are now introducing more people who want to shop and eat and have a good time to the vendors and retailers and venues that would benefit from the increased consumer traffic . If I dont have to worry about my battery dying then I can spend more time going from store to store , buying tickets for MSG then going to a restraunt afterwards . Going to the Met then rolling over to central park . We are litterally increasing my ability to spend money !

How will New Yorkers benefit from your idea?

Last year I participated in the NYC Disability Pride Parade the parade coordinators were thoughtfull enough to set up power strips for our wheelchairs and scooters this allowed parade gers to not only complete the parade but then enjoy the festivities afterwards . Not having to fear being stranded increases morale and makes us want to go out more.  Power outlets at Barclays center , Jacob Javits, both stadiums, 34st , 42 street , chelsea piers encourages disabled sightseeing and shopping. 

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