Collaboration, the basis for better mobility

Collaboration, the basis for better mobility

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Today, half of all people live in cities. By 2030, that number is expected to rise to 60 percent. As the number of people packing into these urban centers continues to grow, so will challenges like traffic congestion. That not only affects the movement of people and resources, but also the environment, economic growth and quality of life.

Luckily, these challenges can be mitigated. Cities need tools and solutions that are more in tune with the flow of urban dwellers. These solutions will result in cities that are not only less congested, but healthier, safer and more productive.
Before we can offer new transportation solutions, we need to identify specific mobility challenges. Crafting the future mobility landscape requires collaboration among multiple stakeholders. In addition to working with transportation officials and planning departments in cities, we’re also working with universities, businesses and foundations in these communities.
The conversation and activities within the Mobilize New York Challenge are a collaborative piece of how we generate powerful ideas for our urban future.
"Cities need tools and solutions that are more in tune with the flow of urban dwellers - these will result in cities that are healthier, safer and more productive."
We’re asking you to share your ideas and insights to help New Yorkers move better, faster and farther - the same notion embodied in the FordHub; our interactive and innovative mobility experience at the Westfield World Trade Center in the heart of New York City.
While there are many obstacles to overcome, with local insight, collaboration and Ford’s intent to develop a broad range of mobility solutions, there’s no telling how far the future will take us, so let’s work together to Mobilize New York!
-- Eric Wingfield | Ford Smart Mobility 
This blog is an excerpt from ‘The Transportation Revolution Needs Local Involvement’ by John Kwant, Vice President Ford City Solutions.

Click here to learn more about the FordHub 

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